le_mol Use Loop Station for Post-Rock Duo

Artist: le_mol Featured Work: White Noise Everywhere Website: le_mol Bandcamp 12-minute Read In the beginning of Chris Cunningham’s bizarre video for Squarepusher’s “Come on My Selector,” a television plays an interview with Squarepusher mastermind Tom Jenkinson, with a host asking him, “How do you play all the instruments at the same time?”  Jenkinson scrunches his... Continue Reading →

Micko and the Mellotronics Find Insight with Art-Punk

Artist: Micko and the Mellotronics Album: 1/2 dove - 1/2 pigeon Website: Landline Records 11-minute Read Featured image artwork and album cover artwork: Twinkle Troughton. British musician Micko Westmoreland has made an eclectic living in the entertainment industry.  He portrayed glam star Jack Fairy in Todd Haynes’s 1998 film Velvet Goldmine, but primarily, he’s been... Continue Reading →

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